I feel discriminated against. Who can I report this to?

Discrimination – excluding people on any grounds whatsoever – is not allowed. Therefore, the position of Quality Uitzendbureau is: we do not discriminate. We are also alert to possible discriminatory requests from clients, because we do not agree with them.

Do you feel that you have been discriminated against? We do not accept that! You can bring this up with your contact person within Quality Uitzendbureau. He or she will always take your complaint seriously and – if necessary – discuss it with his/her supervisor.

You can also contact us via info@qualityuitzendbureau.nl

Anti-discrimination statement

Equal chances for everyone

Everyone deserves equal chances to find and keep a nice job.
Discrimination? We don’t agree to it!
Quality Uitzendbureau is committed to equal treatment for everyone and a diverse staff policy. We strictly adhere to this conviction when recruiting and selecting candidates.
The anti discrimination statement of Quality Uitzendbureau:

  • We do not accept discriminatory requests from clients;
  • We do not support or facilitate discrimination;
  • We give our employees clear instruction and training on how to deal with discriminating
  • requests;
  • We bring diversity to the attention of our clients to create awareness;
    the theme of discrimination is continuously on the agenda.

Grounds for Discrimination

Discrimination involves the exclusion of people for vacancies on the basis of irrelevant criteria. A discriminating request from a client can be very explicit, but also implicit, for example by setting requirements for the candidates that are unnecessarily high and/or not relevant for the function. The position of Quality Uitzendbureau is equal to the law and states that discriminating requests should never be honored.
Even our employees do not recognize every discriminating request and sometimes unknowingly go along with a wish of a client, because often ignorance plays a role. It happens that employees of Quality Uitzendbureau signal a discriminating request during the execution of their work. For example, when they receive a vacancy which indicates an age limit or when they specifically ask for a man or woman. In such cases we will inform our clients about what is and is not permitted. In doing so, we will explain that we always select candidates based on their competencies and thus make the ideal match.

No to discrimination, yes to diversity

Quality Uitzendbureau says no to discrimination and yes to diversity! Diversity is more difference in the workplace, for example in nationality, gender, sexual orientation and age. Diversity can also be present through differences in work experience, cultural background and knowledge.
A diverse workforce adds value to your company because, among other things:

  • Provides a larger pond for talent. If a diversity of people is welcome in your company, the advantage is that you are fishing in a larger pond of talent.
  • Leads to more innovation Innovative ideas that are needed for this purpose will be found more quickly if your team is made up of diverse people. They often have different knowledge and ways of thinking.
  • Leads to better (business) results.

A diverse workforce includes employees with different knowledge, experience, competencies and ways of thinking. This allows them to complement each other excellently, which leads to better (business) results.
Diversity pays off! Let’s work together to ensure that everyone really does get equal opportunities.

If you have a question, complaint or want to report discrimination, you can contact us at info@qualityuitzendbureau.nl.